Saturday, June 14, 2008


I'm far too tired to write much, but our wee man Hunter entered the world on the 12th of June at 12:29pm. It was pretty hellish, and we had some fucking scary moments, but it was worth it. I will write more later, but for now I'm going to blob, and enjoy being home with my boys.
I have some xstitch half done, but as he was three weeks early, I haven't really had time to do much. And you can see; my hands are fucking huge. The swelling is only going down now, and my hand is bruised to fuck from the drip. But a big Gogol piece will be up soon!


johanna said...

hey, congrats to the new member of the family & thanks for the link! really like your work.

Mouse said...

Thanks! More will be up soon, but the wee man is taking up all my time!