Monday, July 7, 2008

He's my son, I'll corrupt him as I see fit.

I need help; should I frame this and put it on his wall, or should I put it on his teeny tiny little denim jacket? Bearing in mind he's a grub, and xstitch ain't all that washable.

Pattern is thanks to Radical Cross Stitch, those guys are awesome (link in sidebar). Took about a hour, interrupted by the Bean several times. I was having withdrawals, I needed to do something!

Black hole of crap has stolen my life.

I made this awesome Gogol Bordello X-stitch, and its almost finished. But then I had a child, and it has disappeared into the black hole of crap that is our house. Bean's shit is everywhere. I will hopefully find it soon, as I slowly sort the crap out, but for the meantime I will have to start another one and hope the Gogol one turns up soon!
I'm a bit slack.