Monday, June 2, 2008

So hi.

Hey cats. I realized I have just jumped in here without saying anything about myself; awfully rude of me I know. I'm a geek who usually studies history and film, but after finding myself knocked up and unable to go to uni, I found I needed to occupy my hands to stop me smoking. So I chose xstitch, something I loved as a child, and something I find extraordinarily soothing. Its awesome to be able to have something in my hands that doesn't involve too much thought, but is just distracting enough to stop me thinking. Because lets face it, thoughts are overrated.
So I have made this blog to put pictures of my pretties that I make whilst being housebound, and needing some kind of output. I will have more up soon, but I am currently working on a big thing for some student's final project at art school, and my hands are so hugely swollen it's making things difficult.
Sorry this is not all that well written, I had some really bad news today. There will possibly be more about that later; if I can organize my thoughts. One day my brain and my words will come back to me.

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