Thursday, June 18, 2009

I think I may just stop updating my LJ. No one posts over there anymore, and the whole point of it was to keep in touch with old friends. But who knows. I don't know if I wanna put my boring rants on this, so perhaps it's good to have a place for them to go where no one reads them.
Anyway, we will see. I have a exam tomorrow, but I also have a broken finger on my right hand. So the exam should be fine; it's on the history of warfare, but the writing of two essays with a broken finger should be interesting. I guess I could get help, but that aint my style yo.
I signed up for my papers next semester. I'm doing Blood and Body, Anglo Dutch history, German film, and sexual histories. They all look pretty rad. So I'm pretty excited about it all.
Sigh. I need to eat. Ciao Cats.

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