Wednesday, April 8, 2009

To 20 more years.

On 14 February this year, my grandmother Rae and her lovely partner (now wife) of 20 years, Pip, got married in Birkenhead. It was a beautiful ceremony, for a amazing couple. Rae is my step grandmother, and in the few short years I have known her, she and her family have been overwhelmingly welcoming and generous. So I made this small token of my affection, albeit very lately (I did start it well before hand, but life got in the way of me finishing it in time). I plan on giving it to them on Friday at a family lunch, I hope they like it. And if they don't, they are kind enough to pretend otherwise!
So, to Rae and Pip, I thank you for being so wonderful, and heres to the next twenty+ years. I hope they are as wonderful as you deserve.
A note on the x stitch. It was a image I found on the net somewhere, and altered it, using a combintation of knit pro and playing it by air. I think the tree could of done with more leaves, and there were a few more things I wanted to do. But when I sketched them into the pattern I had made, it looked far too busy, so I went with basic. Perhaps to basic, but the squirrels were the main point, and they turned out well.

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bello, molto bello!